10 Reasons Why Print Is Good for Business

With the explosion of the digital age, you might be forgiven for thinking that print marketing campaigns are a thing of the past. Indeed, many businesses have moved to migrate their advertising efforts into an exclusively online basis, and it’s undeniable that cyberspace does offer a range of advantages. Not only is it pretty much ubiquitous, allowing you to reach millions of people simultaneously, but it’s also cost-effective and convenient.


However, digital marketing isn’t the be-all and end-all. Sure, social media, SEO advertising, pay-per-click ads and email are vital avenues that you should be pursuing – but they’re not the whole story. Print still has an important role to play, as evidenced by the fact that businesses which combine print and digital campaigns in their marketing efforts receive a 25% higher response rate than those who only concentrate online.



Here are 10 reasons why print is still a powerful tool in the fight to reach, turn and retain your ever-expanding customer base.

Business Envelopes
Stapled Brochure


Internet ads come and internet ads go, often as quickly as the blink of an eye. Missives which arrive through your letterbox are far more tangible, concrete animals – and ones which won’t be swept aside with a mere click of a button.


Nothing breeds confidence in your customer base than an official stamp of credibility. Business cards, postcards and envelopes bearing your company logo establish a sense of trust in who you are and what you do – as opposed to clickable online ads, which are all too often the gateway to Pandora’s Box of spam and scams.

“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.”

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is paramount to making headway in the business world. Emblazoning a company logo on your envelopes and other advertising material will help to lodge your name in a potential customer’s brain – so the next time they’re in the market for your product, you might just come to mind.

Targeted Audience

With online marketing, you’re all too often shooting in the dark and hoping to hit an interested party. Sure, the catchment pool is bigger, but your chances of snaring a lucrative customer are far, far smaller. With print advertisements, you can directly target those who will genuinely be interested in your services

Easier to Process

recent study found that printed material takes 21% less cognitive effort to absorb than digital media, with 70% of test subjects retaining more information when it was delivered to them in the form of an actual, physical document.

More Compelling

As well as being easier to read, print is also taken more seriously by most consumers, with many seeing online data as a throwaway means of attaining information. In fact, according to Forbes, people read and assimilate info as much as 30% faster when it’s in print form.


In an age when seemingly everything is done online, you can make your business stand out from the crowd. With less printed material coming through our letterboxes these days, those which do are more likely to command attention – especially if it comes in an embossed and official envelope.


Since many of us spend the majority of our waking day plugged in and switched on, it can be a refreshing change to disconnect and get back to basics. The idea of leaving technology behind for a while is very appealing to many people – printed material opens that door.

Fashion and Aesthetic

They say that fashion works in cycles. Believe it or not, printed material is becoming nostalgically fashionable. With online ads and SEO the current traditional method of reaching out to customers, print has become non-traditional – and as such, desirable.

QR Codes

QR CodeQuick response (QR) codes offer the perfect marriage between technology and print, allowing customers to scan the code on your envelope, postcard or magazine and access your online website or store. This way, you can use various forms of advertising to funnel potential buyers into your database.

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