5 Little Gestures Will Improve Relationship of Church Members

Little things add up and can have a tremendous effect over time. Try to  stay in contact with your community and you will feel connected to them differently.

Here are 5 phone calls you should make every week to improve the relationship to your church community members:

1. Call a first time visitor

Thank them for coming, introduce yourself and declare that you are ready to help or answer questions if necessary. This call should be made rather soon, say within 48 hours.

2. Call a potential volunteer/worker

Personally reach out to people and ask them if they wanna volunteer. It’ll be much harder to say “no” when you’re speaking to them directly. It’s easier when you keep a list of people you might want to call and ask. In New Member Classes you can ask for their names and put them on the list to come back to later on when they’re a bit more established in your community.


3. Call an absent family

A family that hasn’t visited church for a few weeks might be facing personal troubles. When you call these people and ask if everything is alright they will feel cared for. However it is important that you don’t sound like you’re scolding them for not attending church. Checking up with people is important nowadays because less and less people attend church and if a family is absent for about 5-6 weeks you might lose them altogether.

4. Call a current volunteer/worker

Even if it’s just a phone call a small gesture can mean a lot to people and show that you appreciate the time they invest. Almost 70% of volunteers haven’t heard the words “Thank you” so just a small phone call can do a lot to strengthen their moral and will to help and volunteer.

5. Call the parents of a kid who is getting into church

Try to involve the parents as much as possible when their kid has been visiting your church quite often recently. Show the parents what their kid has been talking about lately and show them there’s no a reason to be worry.

Try these tips for a year and you will see amazing results with just a bit of your time!

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