Sometimes people are divided into different categories by what kind of social media they use on a daily basis.

And stereotypes come along with that. i.e. the people on Instagram are superficial because they care about looks, people on Twitter care about gossip, etc. So what about this rather strange platform called Reddit? We don’t know all that much about it or the people who use it. So why do they use it in the first place? And how can you as a marketer use that to fuel your campaign?

Unlike other social media channel Reddit allows you to open a subreddit for absolutely everything and in return enables you to find subreddits with similar interests and connect with people who have a very specific interest

This works especially well if you’re having a niche market business that doesn’t have such a large target group and therefore wouldn’t succeed on other social media platforms because it just wouldn’t be possible to narrow down the target group to its proper relevance.

Reddit Culture

Additionally Reddit is great for providing long-term-customers because once they’ve decided to follow a certain subreddit where you are active then the chances of them seeing whatever you have to say on their front page are high. If you have achieved that you’ve made a major step towards more publicity and more sales. 

But remember that Reddit like any social media network only works for a certain group of people.


Children and seniors are unlikely to surf such a platform. But especially adults between 25 and 40 are likely to visit this website on a daily basis to relax and enjoy some fun which brings us to one of the major rules of not just Reddit but basically any social media platform that you wanna use for your business: You have to be helpful or funny in some way to engage with your potential customers. Reddit isn’t the place to put an ad and wait for what’s going to happen. People don’t come there to buy in the first place so you can’t just hit them with an offer out of the blue. First of all you have to show the use and purpose your product has – the problem it solves, the problem you have to make them aware of – and especially on Reddit that should happen in a funny way.

Which brings to the most important rule of social media when you’re talking to customers or potential customers: Always remember you’re one of them, you don’t want to put yourself on a podium to talk down to your children. It’s a platform for engagement where people share funny stories and experiences, discuss their favourite sport or simply exchange gifs of birds with arms. However silly it might be, never make the mistake of putting yourself above them.

We hope this little guide will make you want to try this platform for niche marketing and help you have a healthy conversation with your customers to keep the engagement going. If you need help handling your social media channels, feel free to Contact us, Printcall will be glad to help you. Download Our Free Reddit Content Marketing Kit

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