Long Tail Keywords: Does It’s Work?

Long Tail Keywords: Does It's Work?

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We all know it is important to have a few keywords that sum up our business and the service or product we offer. But is it really good to have a few short keywords? They apply to so many businesses, not only in your niche or country but all over the world. So does it make sense to bid on them when you’re trying to improve your SEO rankings?

If you are a big company your chances are a lot better, your business is established and you can spend a lot of money on marketing that will in return draw in new customers and establish your brand further. But if you are a startup or a smaller business you can not afford to spend so much money on marketing and these SEO keywords with a lot of competitors.

How else would you increase your SEO rankings then?

SEOJust think about it: How many times have you googled a one word term and didn’t even want to but the product or service? Perhaps you just wanted some information, perhaps you were bored and just scrolling through. But if you look for something very specific the chances are you have thought about this product or service, have found out more about it and which one is exactly right for you and now that you know what you’re looking for you want to buy. That means people who search for specific terms on search engines are much more committed to buying.

But then what keywords should you bid on? Well to outdo your competitors, their products and services that are rather similar to yours you must have a USP – unique selling point. You need to know what makes the difference between your business and your competitors one. What can you offer that they can’t? It may take a while to find that and that’s absolutely okay.


Here you can see why they are called long-tail-keywords. You might be thinking the mouse is the big part that you should go for but actually the tail is much longer than you’d expect it to be and therefore more effective. To back this up with some facts: Roughly 70% of clicks on your website are the result of long-tail-keywords!

(Source: http://www.wordstream.com/long-tail-keywords)

That means for customers who really want to buy the long-tail-keywords are much more effective even if they don’t bring you as many clicks as a short keyword might. But in the end it’s not about the amount of visitors that you get but about the amount of sales you make, right? 

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