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White Hat Link Strategy

Link building is the key to successful SEO optimisation. If you want search engine visibility, build your links, but not just any link! Linking bad content is going to be rejected by Google and other search engines. Using a White Hat linking strategy ensures that the content your post and share is informative, engaging and communicative.

Keywords and Phrases

Improve your SEO rankings by using keywords and phrases that are linked with your company’s activity within your useful, informative content. Link and Share It (sub-heading) Great content needs to be promoted. Link your web pages with blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, ensuring strong, sustainable Google rankings. Link it, share it… and keep on doing it

Monitor Progress

How do you know if your marketing campaign has been successful? Monitoring is tracking the implementation of your campaign, matching it against your goals and objectives and evaluating the external factors, such as risks and opportunities, that may affect your campaign’s success.


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Dr A Moses

FL Orthodontic

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Sara Cartwright

Cunningham Matthew Consulting


Most Frequently Ask Questions

Short answer: yes, yes you do.

Why? Picture all of your website visitors as a massive pie. For the average website, 50% of that pie will come from search engines like Google.

Search engines are a discovery tool, meaning that many of these website visitors are discovering your website for the first time. As more and more people discover your website from search engines, you’ll see each other traffic channel (email, social media, etc.) increase as well. In other words, as this part of your pie gets bigger, the rest of your pie will get bigger as well.

Here are a few more SEO stats that should help you to see how important SEO is to your website’s success.

Search engines look at 3 primary factors when trying to understand all of the websites in their index: authority, relevancy, and crawlability. We’ll skip crawlability to keep things simple. Crawlability gets more into the technical side of SEO, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Authority is a measure of how reputable your website is in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Sticking with our pie example, authority is a measure of how big your pie is.

Everybody loves pie, so focus on making yours as big as possible.

Relevancy helps Google to understand what your website is about so it can send the right people to your website. In other words, Relevancy is all about making that 50% of your pie that comes from search engines taste better. Nobody wants a lot of bad pie, so as your pie gets bigger, it becomes more and more important to focus on relevancy.

If you type “cars” into Google, Google will sift through trillions of webpages and order them based on how trustworthy they are, and how relevant they are to “cars”.


Start by identifying the words and phrases that your customers are searching for online, and update your website copy to better reflect those words and phrases. If you sell pizzas, make it easy for Google to understand that your website is about pizza.

For more advanced SEO, try working with any of the following keyword research tools to identify the greatest keyword targets for your business: Ahrefs (paid), SEMRush (paid), Google’s Keyword Planner (free), and Moz (paid).

Add these words and phrases to your header tags, title tags, alternate text, in-links, etc.

The easiest way to test this is to go to Google and type in “site:[mydomain.com]” and see if your website pops up.

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