Cross Media Marketing (#Mailer+360)

Cross Media Marketing

Cross media marketing help you communicate your message effectively and professionally through multichannel touchpoint

Focus your marketing campaign across variable channels and communicating your message to the widest possible audience, using Mailer+360 solutions.

Printcall’s user-friendly and efficient cloud-based platform ensures our clients are able to create, deliver and manage seamless cross media marketing communications across Print, Web, Email, Social Selling and SMS.

Promote and Integrate your Message

Printcall’s #Mailer+360 has been developed so that it makes it easy to promote and integrate your marketing message across multi-channels. Our cloud-based service allows you to personalise your print campaigns with email and website URL details, supporting the latest web templates, together with fully integrated solutions that can promote your campaign across multimedia channels.

Control your Brand and Message

Deliver a better, inspiring brand experience to your customers with fully integrated solutions that you can control across all media channels. Enhance your professionally-created, personalised media campaigns safe in the knowledge that you are controlling your brand and message at all times, no matter which communication channel.

our cross media marketing services


Delivering a personalised postcard, letter's or flyer's via post and digitally. We infuse direct mail with digital advertising by on boarding and unifying your customer data. We’re like your offline and digital postman, through robust integrated multimedia channels that are targeted at your potential customer.


Connect with and inform your customers using SMS technology to drive engagement and growth.


Engage with your customers and start a conversation through popular integrated social media channels. Retargeting potential customer's through Facebook Ads, Twitter Ad and Linkedin.


Personalise your brand and message, by creating a dynamic landing page with our unique personalised URL (PURL), QR code, and that enables you to engage each and every targeted individual.


MailerPlus 360 takes the hassle out of email campaigns. Design eye-catching newsletters, promotional emails, or personalized messages effortlessly. Our intuitive tools make creating engaging content a breeze, ensuring your emails shine in every inbox.


Say goodbye to manual tasks! With MailerPlus 360's automated workflows, you can set your marketing on autopilot. From welcome emails to drip campaigns, we've got the magic touch to keep your audience engaged without lifting a finger.

Maximise Opportunities

Using Printcall’s cross media marketing solutions, clients are able to maximise opportunities across multi-communication channels. By promoting your message across a variety of digital marketing channels, reaching the widest possible target audience, you are maximising the potential success of your campaign.

40% More time onsite
3.2 Higher click Through Rates
79% Higher Response Rates

#Mailer+360 is designed for corporate marketing departments to quickly build communications and distribute across multichannel

Generate your customer communications design in-house with integrated cross media touch points through a hosted server managed by Printcall.
Manage your direct marketing campaigns from start to finish all in one easy to use system.
  • Variable Data Print capabilities built on Adobe Layout Technology
  • Preview document for each individual recipient inside Adobe InDesign
  • Easy integration with every frontline application (CRM)
  • Robust built-in support for barcodes
  • Most industry standard output formats supported
  • A completely scalable solution

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