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Directmail fulfillment

Printcall, your specialists in direct mail fulfilment, including Postcard marketing, addressing letters and envelopes and insertion to up to six items into C6, DL, C5 or C4 freshly printed mailing wallets.
Every year millions of mail pieces are handled by our printing and mail fulfilment facility in London, in a cost friendly, efficient and rapid manner. We are experienced in nearly all types of mail and will gladly advise you and your partners on the best and most cost-friendly, efficient method to reach your audience

Included Postage

Cheap and yet high-quality business promotion is now possible with our glossy, full color, double sided mailing cards, which are printed and handed out directly to your target audience. Now you will grab all their attention and make deals while your competitors look on – easy and cheap yet stunning quality in the same time.

Printing, addressing and postage included in the price.

For less than a 2nd class franking, your Mailing cards are printed, addressed AND posted

Full color A5 (210mm x 148mm) mailing cards, printed directly on 300gsm gloss art board (330gsm satin for 1000). Inkjet addressed and posted to your target audience, costing less than a 2nd class stamp or frank (for 4000 or more).

1000 5000 10000 20000
63p each 55p each 28p each 24.8p each
postcard marketing
  • QR Code links across different media communications.
  •  Design content for print and link to any database.
  • Advanced variable data printing.
  • Create your next campaign project with dedicated Account Manager.

Mailing cards are a secure investment.

We know this for a fact as we use them ourselves, ask us for samples. No envelopes, no inserting costs and no folding or franking, just full color, glossy mailers available and that CHEAPER THAN THE COST OF STAMPS OR FRANKING – All in! Reach out to us and we’ll keep in touch.
We at Printcall will do all the necessary work. All that is necessary is for you to send us your desired data file and final artwork and we’ll finish it for you. In case you do not have a final artwork, our design team will gladly assist you in creating your own at a very low cost – please ask for a quote.
In case you need help or advice concerning your mailing please contact

Planning has never harmed anyone and could save you a fortune.

*There will be no extra costs, as long as the artwork is supplied to our specification and that the requested data file meets the minimum requirements of the Royal Mail for full and accurate postcodes and addresses.

**We will always send the postage at a certain cost. The prices above are based on Advertising Mail Low sort CBC and assume that the content of the mailing is related to advertising a product or service. Address changes and non-advertising communications may cost more. Less than 90% of the data can be allocated to a DPS in some cases, as postage costs may be higher for business to business mailings

DirectMail Services

Event Management- Postcard Marketing

Car Dealer - Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing for Orthodontic Centre

Dentist - Postcard Marketing

Business Envelope London

A5 Full Colour Envelope

Business Reply Envelopes

A5 Full Colour Envelope

Business Envelopes

A5 Full Colour Envelope

DL Manilla Window

DL Brown Manilla Window Envelope

DL Peel & Seal Non Window

DL Peel Seal Premium White

DL Window Self Seal

DL Self Seal Premium White

DL Window Self Seal

A5 Self Seal Premium white

C5 Window Peel Seal

A5 Peel & Seal Premium White

DL Business Reply 2 class (2)

DL Business Reply Premium white

Discount Postage Rates

Depending on your direct mail campaign, we check the costs of postage. The Royal Mail has a wide range of discounted postal services. Printcall will help you pick the most appropriate and cost-effective service available. To be eligible for a discount your direct mail needs to be pre-sorted and produced to very strict guidelines set by the Royal Mail to read your mail easily and quickly by the sorting machines. By using the latest and most sophisticated software, Printcall can constantly achieve the highest standards, securing you the maximum Royal Mail discounts available. Charged only by us at cost, all Royal Mail postage discount go towards you. We do not profit from the postage.

Take a look at some of the UK discount postage rates on offer:

Mailing Quantity Mailing Service 1st Class 2nd Class Economy (4 Days)
1 - 999 Letters Business Mail 75p 65p N/A
1 - 999 Large Letters Business Mail 85p 75p N/A
1000 - 3999 Letters Advertising Mail Unsorted 86.9p 83.8p N/A
1000 Plus Large Letters Advertising Mail Low Sort OCR 90.5p 89.2p 47.7p
5000 Plus Large Letter Advertising Mail Low Sort OCR 47.4p 42.8p 39.4p
5000 Plus Mailing Cards Advertising Mail Low Sort Barcode 55p 50p 39.3p

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay with either monthly standing order or Bank Transfer. 

Yes, because all the mails are presorted you will get a discount for your postage from Royalmail which we will pass on to you. 

Usually within 5 working days, also depending on the design of the project. Most customised orders take up to 10 working days.

Call our customer service or send an email to

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