Elements of High Converting Automated Postcard Marketing: Part Two

Well, the headline is the first thing people usually notice and read and it has to grab their attention. This is what you can achieve with the boldness or size. However, what you need to achieve too is to keep the interest of the reader once you have it. To succeed with that you need a headline that is not boring. Perhaps a question that refers to their problem and the solution that they’re selling? Perhaps a witty remark or a pun that will make them chuckle and appreciate your cleverness? It most definitely shouldn’t be something general that refers to your competitors businesses too. Try to be as unique and personal as you can.


Source: http://www.eastsideprintco.com/blog/printing/top-10-advantages-of-marketing-with-printed-postcards/

It addresses a person directly and even if your name isn’t John you will feel approached and relate to the customer John. Curiosity plays into this as well: The headline says “Don’t be fooled…” so immediately you’re wondering how John was fooled. To receive the answer you will have to continue reading. Secondly the headline is big and cannot be missed, the only thing even bigger is the pricing to give all the relevant information at the first glance.

A postcard we also like:

Card Mailing
Source: http://wilsonprintingusa.com/samples/products/postcards/attachment/insurance-postcard-sample/

Because it has such a personal touch. Someone is missing you and wants you back in their life, that is always a nice thing to hear, right?


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This card for example..

Solar Energy Company Marketing
Source: http://www.solarmailing.com/product/solar-postcard-spl008/

The headline is very big and even better: It says free. Cheap offers or free offers will always arouse an interest because if you’re a rather new company or mailing to people who have not

purchased from you yet they need to build trust first. No one is going to give a few hundred pounds to a company they don’t know. That is why a free offer or a cheap offer will allow them to try your companies services with a smaller risk or no risk at all, therefore making them feel more comfortable.

So try to think of something smart, personal and unique and then make it as big and bold and readable as possible to improve your headlines and make sure that people read your entire postcard. Some people have even been able to build a $50 Million empire with postcards, such as Joy Gendusa from PostcardMania.  The headline is bold and applies to all the people that have been moving recently while at the same time making a joke with the sub-heading connected to a picture. And everyone loves dogs, right?


Postcard Marketing
Source: http://www.postcardmania.com/designs/insurance-postcards

So why don’t you go ahead and try to design a postcard for your business? We offer a free Postcard Marketing Function Checklist that will help you to include all the important information.

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