Experiencing Donor stress in your church? Try this out and expand your members’ capacity for giving

Giving is an integral part of our religious life, and as such, Religious organisations are platforms through which we channel our resources for charity as we expect God’s blessings in return.

The challenge for individuals and religious organisation however, involves the profiling and recording of donations and offerings made in a way that will benefit all. Beyond the spiritual benefits, the HM Revenue and Customs can request for details of donations made to charity organisations such as churches,  for the purpose of Gift Aid claim and to extend an individual basic rate band on the yearly self assessment tax return.  offering envelope for churches in the UK can serve as useful tool for verification on all request made.



Church offerings envelopes in the UK can be described as a legal document, an evidence of our loyalty to our moral duties and to the Community. Its role is summed up in the saying; “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”. As humans, we don’t get impressed when our coffee is served in a stained and damaged cup, and moreover, we offer the best of our vessels to Statesmen because we honour and respect them. So, why can’t church members who give offerings and donations package same to honour their God? Your offering in church offering envelopes reverences God, when it is neatly packaged, instead of squeezing and mutilating it (remember Cain and Abel?)

Individuals are better encouraged when they know where their donations are going to. To experience church growth and expand members’ giving capacity, there is the need for transparency and accountability. Confidence and trust in the church leadership can improve continued participation in religious activities, which will subsequently manifest in deep sense of commitment and ultimately increase in giving. Envelopes for church offerings and donations not only portray the church as an organised body, the understanding that it presents a referral link to authorities in the UK also prevents donor apathy. 


For churches in the UK intending to cement their standing as a reputable charity organisation, envelope for church offerings or donations gives credibility to the workings of the church and can serve as a medium to access gift aid or grant for future funding on any church communities project. Since the names of donors, address, amount, designation/recipient’s information appear on the envelope, references can be easily made when checking out for the authenticity of any claims made by an individual and for future purposes.

Pastors must remind their members that church offering/donations is not only Biblical, but it is also in their own interest as residents in the UK, where churches are regarded as charity organisations.

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