GDPR is more than email list or email database.

Your website gather or collect information in multiple ways and it is essential to understand that you have to put necessary measure in place 

As a Print and Website design company, We are now working with Adukus Solicitors to provide a seamless solutions to your GDPR implementation process. 

Working Together

Website Audit

We will carry out various audit of your website, website capture people information via:

  • Cookies
  • Forms
  • Call to actions
  • E-commerce Apps

And Many More.


Legal Support

Kofi is a Duty Solicitor on the Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court and Bromley Magistrates Court Duty Solicitor Schemes and Youth Courts. He has represented clients on serious and complex criminal matters. 

GDPR covers key areas such as:

  • Consent
  • Data Retention
  • Security
  • Clear policies

It is essential therefore; for all Businesses Including Non-Profit to understand how their website works, how it stores data, review your security and policies.

Get Started Today


£ 300
  • Reviews
  • Optin Check
  • User Account Testing
  • Cookies List and Action
  • Plugin Review
  • Standard Security


£ 600
  • Essential Plus
  • Code Review
  • URL PII Checks
  • Cookies List and Actions
  • Data Retention Review
  • Advanced Security

At Printcall we have over five years of experience with top professionals in website design, printing and marketing communications.

When we finished with your website audit then your project will then be submitted to Adukus Solicitors to continue with the other area of the GDPR to complete your full complaint process.