How Directmail Can Be Use As a Retargeting Tool

All marketers must have heard about the power of Directmail. But do we use it to its full potential?

In the course of my discussion with my colleague about Directmail based on Print Retargeting she answers:

When I hear Directmail I think of postcards and brochures that don’t even get taken inside from letterbox. But that’s only because most Directmail I receive comes from retailers I’ve never even heard of 

 But the true is the power of a piece of paper lies in retargeting. There have been several studies that prove that our brain simply responds differently when having something to hold on and personalised. We can’t only just see it, but we can feel it as well.

She went to say sometimes I receive a postcard that says ‘We haven’t heard from you in a long time’ which also contains a discount coupon, chances are I will take it to my desk where I will leave until I have checked out their latest offers

Card Mailing at least. Neuroscience has come a long way to help marketers to get into people’s subconsciousness. Why we need this help is clear: Digitally there are lots of ways to block ads: adblock, spam email folders and the general tiredness of being bombarded with offers every time we go online


At this time everyone can use a Facebook ad meanwhile a printed product like a postcards takes some more work – at least this is what people perceive. It isn’t all that difficult to design a postcard and therefore avoid the fatigue that has be fallen people.

Just that conveys a feeling of seriousness. It tells the customer ‘We are ready to go all the way, we are a serious business and you can trust us. Remember last time you bought from us?’

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Also she added that as a Millennial I can say that although my generation is doomed as ‘The Digital Generation’ and the ones who can’t get off their phone I have become absolutely indifferent to online retargeting methods. Once a month I delete all the spam emails I have gotten and all the targeted ads that I see on Social Media are pretty much invisible to me. Not that I’m saying all of these things don’t work But what do I still do every day? I go out to fetch the mail and see if there is anything important that is addressed directly at me.

So what conclusion can we draw out of this observation? It is almost impossible to grow a business without any Directmail and although one can argue it’s not the first step retailers should take, it is a great way to re-approach your earlier customers. Neuroscience has found an explanation and so that has been confirmed by retailers worldwide who have done their research on this topic in order to grow their sales.

Experts in print retargeting, retailers also understand the value of tracking customer interest and reinforcing that interest with follow-up touches. Combine that with the trend above and the rise of retargeting with print just makes sense.

Are you offering print retargeting?  Or perhaps you would like to know more on how you can leverage on print retargeting to reinforce the legitimate interest of your customers