Mailer+360 Lite

Our Inbound marketing strategy (Mailer+360 Lite) is design for SME’s as entry level of a very robust automated marketing workflow. Developed as standalone service and could be upgraded to the Advance platform #Mailer+360, all these to enhance your personalised direct marketing campaigns that utilise Directmail, E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat Bot, Social Media messaging and Landing Pages to distribute your message, encourage responses, and capture your results.

Our experience, together with a streamlined process for planning, developing, and executing these strategies and campaigns, will guide you easily and comfortably from start to finish rather than through an otherwise complex process.

You will benefit from the convenience of having one source to coordinate and execute all parts, both online and offline with data driven automated omni-channel workflow  of your marketing, including:


Automated Marketing For

Accountants Veterinarian Beauty Salons Restauarants Wine Merchants Tyres Fitters Dentists Lawyers Florist Opticians  Plumbers Builders  Electricians   

Just £225 Per Month

Why Direct Marketing?

In the 21st century Directmail is still effective because it’s a good way to get in front of the right customers and sending a signal that you’re a legitimate company that stands out. Directmail and Email are the easiest ways to reach your customers and tell them about your sales. Combining them is a powerful force that should not be underestimated even in the age of Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

What Makes Printcall Special

We from Printcall have been using Directmail for a long time and have served more than 2000 customers. That’s why we are experienced when it comes to crucial details such as the design and the message that should be conveyed. Additionally we print everything in house which allows you to make changes easily and allows us to give you a fair discount. Sounds good? Learn more below!

Price Breakdown

Based on 12-month-contract-terms

45% deposit (£1,575)


£225 per month
(11 months)


Adds up to £4,050

Package Breakdown

• 4 Customised Newsletter HTML Email Templates
  (branded for your business, available quarterly)

  • Monthly Email Newsletter

• Quarterly Printed Newsletters
   (600 copies)

  • Conversion Offer – Quarterly (Optional Add-On)

  • Website Chat Bot Plus Knowledge Base Support

  • 12 Monthly Social Media Post Messages

  • One SEO Blog Post Per Month Including 6 Social Messages

• On-Going Automated Marketing Workflow (Add-On Additional Charge Applies)

• Artwork Design and Copy-Writing

• Postcard Marketing or A4 Advertising Mails – Unlimited Directmail

  • Conversion Landing Pages

  • FREE Website SEO Set-Up

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