Three Ways to Get Yourself A Free Marketing Automation

Using Inbound Marketing Strategy


Using this E-book you learn how to carefully developing an inbound marketing strategy based on a specific buyer personas.

3 really easy-to-follow guide plus step-by-step written instructions.

What Would I Learn From The Ebook?

You will learn how to customisations and build your conversion funnel. Making everything work together optimally, automating various part of the funnel.

1. Content

The adage, ‘content is king’ could not be more relevant in today’s competitive online business world; yet content for content sake is no longer effective. Content, that is targeted to your buyer persona with relevant, informative, actionable, engaging online assets, that provides value at all levels of the buyer journey.

2. Acquisition

So, you created awesome content, decided on your strategic marketing channels to create that conversion funnel; now you need to convert that content into leads. Posting great content is just one part. That content needs to be shared and promoted to ensure it reaches the right people.

3. Monetisation

You’ve got the new lead, excellent! Using your campaign’s data analytics and, convert the lead into a sale. Using marketing automation technology, filter your leads by their level of engagement with your brand, enabling you to prioritise your potential customers based on their likelihood to buy.


Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a fundamental shift in  business, away from the old rather interruptive ways of doing marketing. Essentially a successful inbound marketing strategy is building assets to satisfy intents at all stages of the funnels in order to ascend prospects  to the next stage of the marketing funnel with the right offers –

Attract:  Create content to capture the public’s attention and gain trust

Convert: Engage your visitors into conversations with your assets

Close: Use your frontline business applications to turn leads into customers

Delight: Offer one-to-one experience with excellent customer service

Three Ways to Get Yourself A Free Marketing Automation

Using Inbound Marketing Strategy

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