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Discover the inbound marketing mentality and change the way you communicate with your customers!

Inbound Marketing is a fundamental shift in  business, away from the old rather interruptive ways of doing marketing. Essentially a successful inbound marketing strategy is building assets to satisfy intents at all stages of the funnels in order to ascend prospects  to the next stage of the marketing funnel with the right offers –


  • An integrated approach to identifying new business opportunities
  • Valuable content to satisfy your customers through their buyer journey
  • No more interruptive marketing techniques that scare people away
  • Targeting options and SMART goals aligned with your company’s size and resources

We Help Our Customers To Use an Inbound Methodology Approach

  • Attract:  Create content to capture the public’s attention and gain trust
  • Convert: Engage your visitors into conversations with your assets
  • Close: Use your frontline business applications to turn leads into customers
  • Delight: Offer one-to-one experience with excellent customer service

Eight Critical Core Disciplines in Inbound Marketing

  • Customer Value Optimization
  • Content Marketing 
  • Customer Acquisition 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social & Community Management
  • Search Marketing
  • Analytics & Data
  • Optimization & Testing

Discuss Inbound Marketing Solution for your Business

At Printcall, we have broken down all the eight critical core disciplines of inbound Marketing into three crucial elements to a successful inbound marketing strategy: –  Content, Acquisition and Monetisation.

Let’s look at these elements in more detail.


The adage, ‘content is king’ could not be more relevant in today’s competitive online business world; yet content for content sake is no longer effective. Content, that is targeted to your buyer persona with relevant, informative, actionable, engaging online assets, that provides value at all levels of the buyer journey.

Good content generates conversion rates through strategic taylor content in your persona context through inbound channels, particularly in today’s digital age. Research shows that people who want to interact with your brand are more likely to convert. Establish your strategic conversion funnel starting with creating good content.


So, you created awesome content, decided on your strategic marketing channels to create that conversion funnel; now you need to convert that content into leads. Posting great content is just one part. That content needs to be shared and promoted to ensure it reaches the right people.

Search marketing will help to target the right audience for your content. Utilise your call-to-action, such as offering a free download, to gain that all-important lead and convert your content into a sale.


You’ve got the new lead, excellent! Using your campaign’s data analytics and, convert the lead into a sale. Using marketing automation technology, filter your leads by their level of engagement with your brand, enabling you to prioritise your potential customers based on their likelihood to buy.

Using inbound marketing techniques, measure the return on investment (ROI) simply and easily for each marketing campaign, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments for your next campaign.

Get the most out of your inbound marketing strategies

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Leverage on our marketing operations experts as an extension of your team

This managed service is design for SME’s, we work as their marketing concierge and augment their marketing effort with customised and consultative approach.

As most marketers will usually license a marketing automation platform or use platform such as the likes of Mail-chimp e.t.c

Yes! But those platforms can only send out emails and perhaps do some basic automation.

Here are what All Those Platform Can’t Do!!

  • In-Depth Personalisation
  • Dynamic Personalised Landing Pages
  • Ongoing Automation
  • Integrated Payment System
  • Integrated CRM
  • Integrated Print Campaign (Direct-mail)
  • Doesn’t Offer a Managed Service 

Marketers that want to take advantage of marketing automation but do not have resources to operate a platform in-house. Our do-it-for-me approach handles the tactical campaign execution, content creation, and reporting, while the businesses focus on their business.

We do not believe in “one size fits all” for marketing, each feature in each plan will be implemented according to your use case.

Once we understand your marketing goals, our team tailors a strategy base on the features within your chosen plan — including scope, timelines, — for your review.

Inbound Marketing Packages For SME's

Blog Post Content Marketing

This plan is suitable for a new business or an existing business that want to build a strong blog contents flow with relevant keywords and distribute across various channels.
£ 200 Monthly
  • Intent Driven Strategy and Set Up
  • 1 Blog Post Per Month
  • Monthly Keyword Research
  • Content (BlogPost) Distribution Network
  • 8 Social Media Post Per Month

Inbound Marketing Start Up

This plan is suitable for a new business or an existing business and build a solid intent driven inbound marketing foundation
£ 450
  • Intent Driven Strategy and Set Up
  • 1 Blog Post Per Month
  • Monthly Keyword Research
  • On-going Automated Workflow
  • 1 Conversion Offer Per Year
  • Design email messages, landing page and thank you page
  • Basic Social Media Management
  • Website SEO Management
  • Build, Execute and Nurture campaign
  • Create and manage campaign reports
  • Develop and Implement lead scoring profiles

Full Inbound Marketing

The all-in-one inbound package. Perfect for businesses that want an intent driven inbound and sales full-funnel service and expect big results.
£ 595
  • Intent Driven Strategy and Set Up
  • 2 Blog Post Per Month
  • Monthly Keyword Research
  • On-going Automated Workflow
  • 2 Conversion Offer Per Year
  • Design email, landing pages and thank you pages
  • Social Media Management
  • Website SEO Management
  • Perform A/B testing on emails
  • Perform A/B testing on Landing Pages
  • Build, Execute and Nurture campaigns
  • Create and manage campaign reports
  • Basic Account Based Strategy
  • Develop and Implement lead scoring profiles
  • Strategise and consult to ensure marketing goals are met

Add-On Features Below

Whatever you need for your business inbound marketing you can find it in either on our programs above or plus one of the add-on features which allows you to create a unique approach for your business specifically. This means you are flexible enough to react to changes and developments within your business to have the best results. We  support your journey and want to help you grow your business.

Email Marketing with Contents

Facebook Messenger Lead Generation Funnel

PPC Management

Linkedin Leads Generation

Facebook Ad Management

Build and Manage Event Execution

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