Linkedin Leadzs Generation Programme

Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation Programme

Growing your customer base has never been easier

Growing your business (without ad spend) on LinkedIn by using our top 3 strategies to attract more prospects, generate leads and land you new high end client every week.

As specialists we understand the importance of developing new business and we work on behalf of our clients to gain the right prospects.

Our Done-For-You Service is consist of five steps module system that we have used to deliver over 2,000 real prospects appointment per year 


Identify Target Audience

Your prospects are constantly being bombarded with thousands of messages everyday, how are you going to stand out and grab the attention of your top prospects? We will help you design a clearly defined niche and a solid unique selling point, break through all the noise.


There is an art to writing scripts. It takes practice, testing and an understanding about your target. The way we would approach the founder of a CPA firm is different to how we will approach a young entrepreneur of a tech start-up ( We don’t offer one size fit all approach).


Build Your Database

Your Database is one of your most valuable assets that we will build for you. It’s extremely important that we have an understanding of who your best prospects are so that we are connecting with quality targets and not just random people.

Managing and tracking Your Campaign

We will manage and track your campaign, and integrate it with your CRM or on a Spreadsheet. We’ll be taking note on this sheet which allow us to track various messages (campaigns) at scale without anything slipping through the cracks.

Sounds Good Right!

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