Have you ever asked yourself if there is a more effective way to let your customers know what you are doing at the moment and that they can purchase some of your products? But you did not want to dive into something that you’re not sure of and spend a lot of money on it? With our free trial, you can see our #Mailer+360 program and decide for yourself if you’re satisfied with the results that these techniques will bring to your company.

Our program #Mailer+360 contains not only one but several ways to ensure that you arouse interest for your customers. The package consists of Direct Mail, SMS, Personalised Landing Pages, Automated Workflow. QR Codes and Emails. That makes it easy to reach a lot of your already loyal customers but win new ones at the same time. You are able to apply to their needs and intents directly, therefore lessening the gap between the customer and your company.

Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to approach people and raise awareness for your company. Printcall is capable of helping you design these postcards or advertising missives, sending them out within a short time. Following the direct mail we offer pre-designed customised HTML Email templates and Personalised landing pages to keep reminding your customers of your offers individually and effectively. Test our free trial now and see the improvement in your business!