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Postcard Marketing Made Easy!

No graphic design degree is required! Our user-friendly tools let you craft eye-catching postcards that tell your story at a glance.

MailerPlus 360 also automates the process, ensuring your postcards find their way to the right mailboxes without the hassle.

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how it works






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Elements Every Marketing Postcard Should Have!

Learn more on how to use print and Digital Marketing to grow your business

Printcall, your specialists in direct mail fulfilment, including Postcard Mailing, Addressing letters and envelopes and insertion to up to six items into C6, DL, C5 or C4 freshly printed mailing wallets.

Direct mail is still an effective marketing campaign method; response rates can be as much as 30 times greater than email. Printcall will help to tailor your direct mail content and design of the mailshot, digitally print and manage the mailing of your mailer.

From postcard marketing and cross-media communications, to bulk mailing and envelope address printing, Printcall is able to handle your campaign from design, to print and post.

Printcall handles millions of letters, mailers, envelopes and insertions in our printing and mail fulfilment facility.

Coupled with our friendly, effective and cost-efficient service, and our experience in handling just about any type of mail, we are on hand to provide our expertise and advice on finding the best, most effective method in reaching your target audience.

the Ultimate Directmailand Inbound Marketing Guide
Download Your Ultimate Directmail & Inbound Marketing Guide
  • A variety of sizes and styles are available
  • Personal, professional and effective
  • Variable data printing
  • Automated marketing communications
  • Business and charity donation envelopes
  • Encourage people to donate with appealing designs
  • Free templates or customise your design online
  • Customised landing pages

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stunning business stationery

business envelopes

Business Envelopes
Business Reply Envelopes
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Trifold Brochure
Trifold Leaflet
Trifold Leaflet

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increase the profitability of the primary functions of your company.


We will save you time and money, mailing your magazine and journals. 

  • Wide range of Layouts to select from and to design
  • Highly personalised product designing
  • Creative designs available 24×7
  • Design products with multiple colour
  • Attractive product printing with glossy and matt finish
  • Quick designing in our advanced graphic designer studio
  • On-time order delivery

We Print and Send Your Magazine and Journals in this Various Format and Sizes.

Large Letter Up to 353mm x 250mm x 25mm
(excluding packaging)
Up to 750g
Large Letter (Machine
Up to 345mm x 245mm x 10mm
(including packaging)
Up to 750g
Parcel More than 297mm x 420mm x 25mm,
and no larger than 460mm x 610mm
Up to 2kg
Tubular Parcel Up to 900mm length. The total length plus
2x diameter should not exceed 1040mm
Up to 2kg
A3 Parcel Up to 297mm x 420mm x 25mm Up to 750g

Why Us?

We offer quick and reliable printing services as well as marketing automation management services to our customers using an advanced online printshop and innovative technology, from variable data print to personalised landing pages and complete email marketing automation. We design your approved artwork, personalise it and use it to fulfil your business goals. We also allow customers to utilise their creativity in their artwork by collaborating with our design team throughout the process of their project.