Case Studies

Here we have collected some exclusive and free case studies from several different businesses. We hope that some of those apply to your business and that you can expand your knowledge on how to grow your business. 

This campaign for Tafel Motors used an existing data pool to remind customers of their expiring leases and sent them new relevant offers (e.g. the same car but a newer version). Out of 46 sales and leases 32 could be targeted back to our campaign which means there was an 80% higher conversion rate for people who were targeted with relevant ads. This lead to an additional income of about $380.00.

A home improvement company that had been using Directmail wanted to test the use of IP Targeting for their business. For 18 months a group of 1.15 million targets received IP targeted ads. Compared to a control group these 1.15 million people were 33% more likely to purchase.That means there were 10$ returned for every dollar spent. That’s a return rate of 1065%! $1.93 million dollars were made in total.

A company that offers pest control services wanted to target people that had just moved into the area. 18% of all sales made during the span of three and a half weeks came from IP Targeting. That’s 54 sales in total and a 1.41% response rate which might not sound like a lot but for this kind of  business it certainly is.

A fitness center wanted to motivate people who had quit their membership to return. Within 27 days we generated 22 new memberships in total while 19 of those had responded to our IP Marketing Strategies. That’s a 54% lift compared to the people who were not targeted online.

A bank that wanted to position itself in front of the right customers and also generate more accounts. An IP Targeting Campaign was set up based on the Directmailing list of the bank. People who were targeted spent 40% more time on the website and had an almost 1.1% response rate compared to the Directmail campaign that had a response rate of 0.61%. The overall effectiveness was increased by 79%!

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