[SEO] White Hat Link Strategies

So mentioning your keywords about 15 times and writing thousands of words won’t help much. 

What’s more important is how helpful and engaging your content is to potential visitors.

So how does a search engine measure this and how can your website show up in the results?

Well, it makes a lot of sense to create content that someone else hasn’t talked about yet. Since this is rarely possible try to create fresh content that has not been talked about too many times already and that everyone is tired of. Generally it is a good idea to link to other websites that might share you in return. If you include a few useful links a search engine will consider your content helpful.

To create engaging content furthermore it makes sense to include share buttons. People who like a certain quote or part from your blog will be able to share it within seconds which will lead to a wider audience.

Search engines as well as visitors like graphics. It can mix up a long paragraph that might become boring otherwise.

And for a search engine that’s exactly what’s important. Graphics are helpful and if they have a description that shows what the graphic displays it is even better because search engines can’t see the picture, they can only read the code.

Source: https://armworldwide.com/white-hat-seo/

This graphic shows exactly how search engines measure websites and evaluate them to show them in their ranking.

We can see that the basics make up a huge amount, it is very important to use a domain that is considered trustworthy. It means that search engines will not reject your site or grade it as dangerous. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the links on your website are important but there’s another way to get more traffic:

If you leave a comment on another blogger’s page and reply to a certain part of what they said and manage it to mention your blog or leave a link that can help as well, especially in the long term. But be careful! Don’t just spam random blogs because they will probably reject your comment.

Make sure your comments make sense and answer directly to a part of what they said and only give the link if it is relevant in the context.

You see there’s a lot you can do to improve your SEO rankings just by making sure your content is relevant and your website performs without any trouble. For further information on SEO visit our website HERE or call us at 0208 793 5211. We’ll be happy to help you!

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