The Response of Millennials Proves That Directmail isn’t dead!

The millennials are the generation that is slowly but surely taking over and if marketers want to succeed and continue to make sales they will have to adapt. Now what are their preferred methods of receiving information?

First we have some general information on how people like to receive information and updates on brands that they’re interested in.


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Interesting enough that Directmail is still the favourite although many experts have proclaimed its death. But to enhance the advantages of Directmail even further we have some more data:

56% of people think that Directmail is more trustworthy than Internet Ads or Email campaigns:

Why is that? Well, it really makes sense if you think about it. To run a Directmail campaign you have to think of a specific offer, design a postcard or brochure or whatever you’re planning to send, you have to send it out to potential customers which takes a while and most importantly it costs you money. Now you wouldn’t invest so much in something that could be a scam, right?

response of millennials to direct-mail

And to shock you with another fact:

70% of people think Directmail is more personal than Internet Ads or Email campaigns

How is that possible? Again we have a logical explanation: If you’re holding something in your hands like a postcard it gives you a different sense than simply reading it. Directmail has to be more personal since you’re posting it to people, you have to know their address. “Now that isn’t really different from an Email campaign” I hear you saying. Technically yes, but it feels different for people. There are so many brands that have your Email address, it’s not a big issue. Every day you receive so many Emails and quite a lot go into the spam filter immediately without ever being opened, read or missed. But your home address? You wouldn’t give that to everyone, it’s a place where you relax, where you don’t have to do anything at all. That’s why there’s a difference in the feeling that is perceived with Directmail.

When asked what motivated them to follow a call to action 30% of millennial said Directmail and 24% replied with Email. That goes along with Email being the second favourite way to receive updates.

But it is very important to make a difference with the frequency. If someone can decide how often they will receive Emails they will be much happier than they would be with a weekly newsletter that they might unsubscribe from at some point because it’s just too much and keeps annoying them.

What do these numbers prove? That Directmail most definitely isn’t dead!

In this graphic you can see that the opening rate for Directmail is extremely high.


One of the reasons is that our mail box usually isn’t as flooded as our Email inbox.

So what is it that we can learn from this? You shouldn’t give up on Directmail but you should most definitely keep an eye on trends because millennials tend to go for things that seem the most authentic such as Snapchat or Instagram Live Videos. These can not be filmed previously and have to be taken live which gives it a sense of being real which we crave in a world where you have to be very careful about what’s a scam and what isn’t. Secondly you should try to incorporate and connect Directmail into your other marketing programs so the benefits of each method can stand out and overpower the flaws.

If you see that Directmail is effective and want to use it yourself we have prepared a little cheat sheet show on how to combine Directmail with Online Marketing [Below].