Accurate Customer Data

Accurate Customer Data


Data Cleaning, Mailsort and MPS suppression done by Professionals

Why Accurate Customer Data?

You’ve created the perfect marketing campaign but it’s not much use if the customer data you’ve got is out-of-date and inaccurate.

With better data accuracy, there is less waste and increased deliverability.

Costs are greatly affected by data that has been cleaned in an inefficient manner. It even determines the success of your mailing. Data cleansing is a vital aspect of keeping your costs as low as possiblePrintcall has a professional data processing and cleansing team which will gladly remove any inaccurate information such as wrong or inaccurate names or addresses from your data and add the correct information details from the Royal Mail Postal Address file (PAF) and will ensure that the amount of “gone-away” is minimal. We will also correct spelling and typing mistakes, add missing address elements and correct out-of-date post codes and addresses. A vital process to avoid additional and wasted costs, both on our and on your side.

Our professional personnel will compare your data to the latest MPS files.

If, for example, you and your partners have a database of 20,000 customers and you acquire another 5000 names and addresses from a further source. It may very well be the case that some duplicates will be found when you acquire your new list. It is essential to remove these duplicates before any mailing. If not checked, this may lead to angry customers who get multiple mailings at once. This can cost you and your partners a long-time or potential customer – a result that no one wishes for.


Data cleansing and appending is essential when managing your customer or prospect data. Our data management services checks your data against the TPS, FPS and MPS files from as little as 1p per check.

With better data accuracy, there is less waste and increased deliverability.  Format addresses correctly for Royal Mail volume mailings; ensure the correct email addresses for better online communications, overall improving customer interaction with your digital and direct mail marketing campaigns.

Printcall is able to help clients source accurate customer data that will ensure digital and direct mail marketing campaigns are delivered to the right people, at the right time to maximise your success.