Below you can see our various possibilities that allow you to purchase our premium package with all of our offers, specifically designed for your company and your wishes. This consists of Directmail, PersonalisedURL (PURL), Customised QR Code, Customised HTML E-Mail Template Design, Mobile Marketing (SMS). Also includes IP Targeting and Inbound Marketing as an Add-on service to reach out to your customers individually and successfully.

IP Targeting is a rather new and efficient way that helps you target potential customers who already have an interest in acquiring your products. Your ads will only show to those who might find them relevant. As opposed to this, the SEO enables people who have never heard about your business before to find it and arouse an interest.

Customers today expect to easily interact with a brand in their channel of choice, anytime and anywhere. This means marketers must deliver an “all channels on” 360 approach to their customers. Integrating print and digital outlets through omni-channel marketing is key to delivering seamless customer journeys.

However, if you wish to test our abilities first, that is not a problem. Sign up for the FREE TRIAL and then decide if a cooperation with Printcall is an useful investment to improve your marketing strategies. For more details CONTACT US at Printcall! We will be glad to help and provide our professional advice.


£ 00
  • With the free trial demo account, you can create unlimited Marketing Programs and/or Campaigns, configure Emails and SMS Elements
  • However, be able to upload any contacts to the database or deploy your Program.
  • You’ll also access built-in Templates and a demo Marketing Program.
  • Customised Landing Page
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Unlimited Directmail

All Plans Include

Directmail Marketing Programme

Marketing Analytics

Search Marketing


Custom Landing Pages

Inbound Marketing

IP Targeting

IP Targeting

Add-on Service

Social Media Management

Project Artwork Design

Whatever you need for your business you can find it in either on our programs or one of the add-on features which allows you to create a unique approach for your business specifically. This means you are flexible enough to react to changes and developments within your business to have the best results. We from Printcall support your journey and want to help you grow your business.