Boost your site with Fast, Effective Search Engine Optimisation

Boost your website up the search rankings!

Boost your website up the search rankings!

Organisations and businesses today are now starting to take Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) seriously. It can be the difference between your business or organisation being found on Google and other web searches, or falling off the scale.

Using Printcall’s SEO and effective digital marketing tools, improve your search engine rankings to ensure that your company is displayed on search rankings.

White Hat Link Strategy

Link building is the key to successful SEO optimisation. If you want search engine visibility, build your links, but not just any link! Linking bad content is going to be rejected by Google and other search engines. Using a White Hat linking strategy ensures that the content your post and share is informative, engaging and communicative.

Keywords and Phrases

Improve your SEO rankings by using keywords and phrases that are linked with your company’s activity within your useful, informative content.

Link and Share It (sub-heading) Great content needs to be promoted. Link your web pages with blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, ensuring strong, sustainable Google rankings. Link it, share it… and keep on doing it!

Monitor Progress

How do you know if your marketing campaign has been successful? Monitoring is tracking the implementation of your campaign, matching it against your goals  and objectives and evaluating the external factors, such as risks and opportunities, that may affect your campaign’s success.

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SEO Package
£ 200
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Website landing page alignment
  • Content marketing research
  • PR link building research and selection
  • Re-writing & Editing of text as required
  • Unique Control Report Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Plus Google my Business
  • Meta-data changes / updates
  • Heading changes / updates
  • Quarterly Backlink Exposure Monitor
  • Competitor analysis
  • Optimise content
  • 100 business Cards for One Person or Trifold Brochures (One Off Print when you sign up for this package) Item


SEO Package
£ 300
  • All the Basic Package Services
  • Core service (Quarterly)
  • Quarterly Progress Reporting
  • Unique Control Panel
  • Choose up to 10 search terms (we can help with these)
  • Monthly Backlink Exposure Monitoring
  • Competitor link opportunity analysis
  • Reputation Management - Helping you Gain and Maintain Great Online Reviews
  • Competitor link outreach / building
  • Audit existing backlinks
  • 150 business Cards for Two or Trifold Brochures (One Off Print when you sign up for this package)


SEO Package
£ 400
  • All of the core services, plus the below
  • Premium Service (monthly)
  • Managed on Site Changes
  • 10 x Rapid Backlink Exposure
  • Re-write Page Description
  • Content piece (landing page / blog / GMB post / etc.)
  • 1 x Search Term Placement
  • Ongoing technical error / opportunity audit
  • 200 business Cards for Three or Trifold Brochures or One Roll-Up Banner (One Off Print when you sign up for this package)
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